CFP CM Certification in Brief

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM (CFPCM) Certification is the most prestigious and internationally accepted Financial Planning qualification recognized and respected in the global financial community.
CFPCM Certification has global recognition across 23 Countries in the world. The CFPCM Certification process is administered by Financial Planning Standards Board India (FPSBI) which states to the public that those individuals who have been authorized to use the CFPCM Certification marks have met rigorous professional standards and are competent to deliver financial advice.

CFP CM Certification is meant for

  • Relationship managers with banks, stock broking companies, Insurance companies, Mutual funds etc.
  • Unit managers or Development managers of Life Insurance companies.
  • Stock brokers offering wealth management services to their clients.
  • Corporate finance executives and Accountants.
  • Agents or advisors of Post Office, Mutual Funds, Insurance companies and who are into the financial distribution company.
  • Financial Planners.
  • Software professionals interested in acquiring domain knowledge in personal financial planning.

Benefits of CFP CM Certification?

  • Enhanced career and employment opportunities with Financial Services companies. Your Services are sought by banks, distribution houses, AMC, insurance Companies, equity broking and Financial Planning firms as the same is promoted by 50 top most companies in the field of financial services.
  • Personal satisfaction of achieving the Financial Planning profession’s highest standard and met the global benchmark.
  • Satisfied clients who appreciate the comprehensive approach to Financial Planning and extend long term relationship and referrals.

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